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“Marilyn’s Feast”: Review of Australian Fiction

It’s lovely to have a new piece of fiction published. It’s been a long time. Check out the latest issue of Review of Australian Fiction, Volume 19, Issue 4, for my short story: “Marilyn’s Feast.” Thanks to Inga Simpson for partnering with me. Subscribe now to support Australian fiction, only $2.99 per issue: Marilyn’s Feast (preview)… Continue reading “Marilyn’s Feast”: Review of Australian Fiction


“As for me, most days I make an effort to do good.”

“Thanks, for the trouble you took from her eyes, I thought it was there for good, so I never tried.”   My daughter and I always squabble about which music to play during the drive to school. I made her suffer Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah this morning, tired of repeats of the Hill Top Hoods’ Nosebleed Section.… Continue reading “As for me, most days I make an effort to do good.”


An (almost) unbearable wait

In the lead up to the publication of my first novel, I’ve attempted to keep sane by easing myself every now and again into the murky waters of a new writing project. It hasn’t been easy, in the midst of a tight editing and publicity schedule, to find the necessary mental space to contemplate, let alone begin, the obsessive process of coaxing… Continue reading An (almost) unbearable wait


The Birdman’s Wife

The Birdman’s Wife Affirm Press, October 2016 ISBN 9781925344998 Pre-order at Simon & Schuster John Gould created the most magnificent works on birds the world as ever seen. But the celebrated ‘birdman’ had a secret weapon – his artist wife, Elizabeth. Inspired by a diary found tucked inside her famous husband’s papers, The Birdman’s Wife imagines the… Continue reading The Birdman’s Wife